About Our Department

Shelby County Fire & Rescue, under the command of Chief Bobby Cowherd, is responsible for the protection of all properties and people living in or traveling through the Shelby County Suburban Fire District.The Department has over 60 volunteer members and five stations.

Although all the firefighters with Shelby County Fire & Rescue are volunteers, they are trained to the highest state and national standards. Firefighters must complete 150 hours of basic firefighting skills to become a Kentucky Certified Firefighter, however many members have far exceeded mandated training requirements. Many train over and above the required areas to specialize in particular areas of service. Our firefighters have gained expertise in various fields including: advanced firefighting skills, specialized rescue services for farm and motor vehicles, industrial and hazardous accidents, rope rescue, confined space rescue, medical assistance, trench rescue, and water rescue.

Our volunteers have many occupations. We have members who are executives, police officers, nurses, business owners, landscapers, factory workers and many more. Our members do not have to be a certain type of person; they just have to want to serve others.