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Permanent scarring, loss of vision, dismemberment – these are too often the harsh realities of amateur fireworks use. To keep the public safe from fireworks-related injuries and deaths, the nonprofit NFPA urges everyone to treat fireworks, whether legal or illegal

Each July Fourth, thousands of people, most often children and teens, are injured while using consumer fireworks.

Despite the dangers of fireworks, few people understand the associated risks – devastating burns, other injuries, fires, and even death. The Alliance to Stop Consumer Fireworks is a group of health and safety organizations, coordinated by NFPA, that urges the public to avoid

New Rescue Truck Details

Here are the detailed specifics of our new rescue truck that recently went in service.  View article.

Recent fires bring smoke alarm safety into focus

In Massachusetts last month, two separate fires took the lives of two couples in their late 70s to 80s and authorities do not believe that smoke alarms were working in either instance. In the more recent fire, in Methuen, firefighters could not

Bolster your fire safety knowledge as winter continues

Folks, it’s not over yet. Weather forecasters tell us that bitterly cold air from the Arctic Ocean will cause temperatures across a substantial portion of the United States to plunge this week. From the Midwest to the Northeast, snow is