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WHAS Crusade

About the WHAS Crusade for Children

The WHAS Crusade for Children, Inc. established in 1954 by WHAS-TV, raises money for schools, agencies and hospitals to better the lives of special needs children. In its first 55 years, the Crusade has raised more than $128 million.

Thanks to generous contributions of goods and services, the Crusade is able to return 100% of all donations to organizations that serve special needs children in all 120 Kentucky counties and more than 50 southern Indiana counties. Fire departments raise more than 50 percent of the money each year by staging road blocks and other events.

Approximately 3 million children have been helped by the Crusade since 1954.  www.crusadeforchildren.org

63rd annual WHAS Crusade for Children Raises $5,465,933.47

63rd crusade logoJust days after Louisville legend Muhammad Ali passed away, the people of Kentucky and Indiana dug deep and championed the 63rd annual WHAS Crusade for Children. The final tote board tallied $5,465,933.47 as “The Greatest” local telethon in America came to a close.

The 30-hour Internet/radio/telethon kicked off with an up tempo variety show headlined by Louisville Orchestra Music Director Teddy Abrams’ Jazz Band, hosted by WHAS11’s Rachel Platt and 840 WHAS radio’s Terry Meiners on Saturday, June 4. It all ended with Crusade volunteers crowding into WHAS-TV’s historic studio H singing the traditional “God Bless America” just before 7:00pm (EDT) Sunday, June 5, 2016.

“It truly is an annual miracle. We’re thrilled that the wonderful people of Kentuckiana stepped up once again to help children with special needs in our community by contributing so generously to the 63rd annual WHAS Crusade for Children,” said WHAS Crusade for Children President & CEO Dawn Lee.

Crusade Fund Raising History for Shelby County Fire Department

2017 Total: $83,183.92
2016 Total: $77,746.02
2015 Total: $69,063.53
2014 Total: $62,103.84
2013 Total: $61,176.94
2012 Total: $59,740.98
2011 Total: $56,427.33
2010 Total: $58,841.11
2009 Total: $67,090.21
2008 Total: $70,807.69
2007 Total: $93,658.32
2006 Total: $68,404.00